Send the parcel to any address within Slovakia

Cost-effective, fast, safe and easy! If you are looking for a fast and reliable way to send your parcels within Slovakia, DHL Parcel is the right choice for you. Whether it's a small birthday present or forgotten luggage, we'll provide your preferred way of shipping and next-day parcel delivery. Order a courier that will pick up your parcel or send it without waiting via the nearest ServicePoint.

Shipping price list

Parcel size Maximum dimensions Price
S 30x30x30 cm 3,60 €
M 60x40x30 cm 5,90 €
L 100x50x50 cm 7,50 €

Maximum weight of one parcel up to 31,5kg
Surcharge for pick-up by a DHL courier - 2,40 EUR

*DHL Parcel Slovensko reserves the right to change prices. Prices are listed with VAT including fuel and toll surcharges.

  • Rapid shipping (about 1-2 business days)
  • Package insurance up to EUR 2,500 excluding VAT
  • Communication with recipient - the recipient is informed by e-mail and SMS
  • Parcel delivery via courier to the recipient´s address to the first lockable door
  • Parcel redirection - change of place and date of parcel delivery

The offer applies to one-piece standard national shipments.

  • Maximum parcel weight up to 31,5kg
  • Maximum parcel dimensions up to 100cm (A), 50cm (B), 50cm
  • Sum of parcel circumference and length (A + 2B + 2C) up to 300cm

  • Only a package of a regular shape (parcel) in a cardboard packaging or envelope
  • Intact packaging closed at least with adhesive tape
  • The shipment must be manipulable by one person
  • The parcel must not be wrapped in stretch film, tied with string or the like.