We will connect you with Europe

Send a parcel with the help of DHL Parcel to up to 25 countries of Europe!
Whether it's a small birthday present or forgotten luggage, we'll provide your preferred way of shipping. Order a courier that will pick up your parcel or send it without waiting via the nearest ServicePoint.

Faster than you think
Convenient delivery times
Parcel under surveillance
Online parcel tracking 
Communication with recipient
The recipient is informed by e-mail and SMS
Parcel insurance up to EUR 2,500 excluding VAT

Shipping price list

Parcel size Maximum dimensions Zone 1 Zone 2
Zone 3
S 30x30x30 cm 9,00 € 14,00 € 19,00 €
M 60x40x30 cm 11,00 € 16,00 € 21,00 €
L 100x50x50 cm 13,00 € 18,00 € 23,00 €

Maximum weight of one parcel up to 31,5kg
Surcharge for pick-up by a DHL courier - EUR 2.40

*DHL Parcel Slovensko reserves the right to change prices. Prices are listed with VAT including fuel and toll surcharges.

The offer applies to one-piece standard shipments to EU countries.

Zone 1 Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria
Zone 2 Belgium, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Italy
Zone 3 Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece*, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

 * Shipping to Greek islands cannot be executed.

Approximate shipping times

Country Number of working days
Czech Republic 1-2
Hungary 1-2
Germany 3
Poland 2
Austria 2-3
Belgium 3-4
Croatia 4-5
France 5-6
Netherlands 3-4
Luxembourg 3-4
Slovenia 3-4
Italy 5-6
Bulgaria 6-7
Denmark 5-6
  • Maximum parcel weight up to 31,5kg
  • Maximum parcel dimensions up to 100cm (A), 50cm (B), 50cm
  • Sum of parcel circumference and length (A + 2B + 2C) up to 300cm

  • Only a package of a regular shape (parcel) in a cardboard packaging or envelope
  • Intact packaging closed at least with adhesive tape
  • The shipment must be manipulable by one person
  • The parcel must not be wrapped in stretch film, tied with string or the like.