Parcels we do not ship

Parcels we do not ship

There are items that cannot be shipped by DHL Parcel for security or legal reasons. These are the following items and commodities:

  • dangerous goods, explosives
  • pressure vessels, gases, weapons, ammunition
  • postal stationary, banknotes, coins, precious metals
  • artistic objects, antiques
  • alcohol and liquid in glass bottles
  • goods requiring a prescribed temperature regime
  • live animals, animal remains
  • humans, human remains
  • live plantspornography and illegal narcotics/medicines
  • fragile and very fragile goods

For more information on restrictions concerning the content of the shipment, please see the Commercial Terms and Conditions of DHL Parcel Slovensko.

Keep in mind that it is the sender's responsibility to ensure that the content of the shipped parcel is acceptable so that no laws or regulations are violated. DHL is not responsible for parcels with prohibited content.

Under the Terms and Conditions of DHL Parcel Slovensko, DHL is entitled to open and inspect the contents of the shipments without prior notice to the sender. DHL reserves the right to decide whether the content of the shipment meets the shipping conditions in terms of safety and legality.