Track your shipment

With DHL, it's easy to track a shipment. All you need is your shipment number.

You can track your shipment online through our shipment tracking tool. Just enter the number of your shipment in the box.

The shipment number is a combination of 11 and more numbers that uniquely identify your shipment.

In general, the sender or the e-shop should provide the shipment number to you. If you ordered goods from an e-shop, you should normally receive the shipment number information in the purchase confirmation e-mail or in the shipping notification.

If you have not received the shipment number information, contact the e-shop or the sender.

Status information about your shipment should start to display within 24-48 hours of receiving the shipment number or reference number. In most cases, the first status information appears only after the shipment has left the e-shop distribution centre, i.e. after the DHL courier takes over the shipment from the sender.

If the status of your shipment does not change, the reason may be a time delay in shipment delivery, for example, caused by adverse weather, technical problems or retention of the shipment due to inappropriate content. If your shipment is not delivered within 3 days of the expected delivery date, please contact our customer service.