Redirect your shipment to your needs

We are delivering a parcel to you, but you cannot take it over? Redirect it!

With DHL Parcel, you can change your delivery address or delivery date free of charge. You do not need to contact the sender or courier.

Redirect the shipment step by step:

1. Buying in an e-shop
When you buy in an e-shop you enter a mobile phone number or e-mail address, to which we will send you notifications of the scheduled delivery date and delivery address.

2. Preparing a shipment to be sent
In the phase of preparing the shipment to be sent, the e-shop will provide to us the buyer/parcel recipient's contact details: e-mail address or mobile phone number. Warning: For shipments from Germany, your phone contact is often not listed due to increased privacy requirements. Therefore we recommend you to contact our customer service to add your phone number.

3. Shipping Notifications
When the courier picks up a shipment from the shop, they arrive in the DHL depot where the shipment is scanned. We will then send you a notice with information such as shipment number, estimated delivery date and delivery address, and a link to redirect the shipment via

4. Shipment redirection
Once logged into, the recipient of the shipment may change the delivery address and the date of delivery. One option is to redirect the shipment to the network of more than 850 DHL ServicePoints locations.

5. Delivery of the shipment
The shipment will be delivered in accordance with the information that was given to us when redirecting the shipment. In the event that no changes to the delivery order are made, we deliver the shipment in accordance with the standard process to the address provided by the sender.