Pick up your shipment at a DHL ServicePoint

You do not have to wait for the courier anymore. You can pick up the parcel at a time that suits you. Just choose a DHL ServicePoint affiliate operation located in your area. And instead of you waiting for the parcel, the parcel will wait for you, up to 7 days!
DHL ServicePoint is a network of affiliates with excellent public accessibility, where you can pick up your parcels, but also send them from here.

Find the nearest ServicePoint on the map

Benefits for you

  • Always near
    Thanks to the extensive ServicePoint network, you can conveniently take over your shipment at a location nearest to you. Whether it's a nearby grocery, a gas station or a florist.
  • Opening hours
    ServicePoint opening hours are simply great. Not only is the majority of operations open until evening during the week, but many of them are available throughout the weekend.
  • No waiting
    You do not have to depend on the courier and delivery time. At the ServicePoint, you can choose when you want pick up the shipment

How does it work

1. Ordering a shipment
In the e-shop shopping cart, choose DHL ServicePoint from the delivery offer. If your chosen e-shop does not offer this option yet, please wait for the e-shop to send you the shipment number information in the purchase confirmation e-mail or the shipping notification.
2. Tracking and redirecting a shipment to DHL ServicePoint
With the shipment number, you can track the shipment throughout the entire shipping period as well as redirect it to another delivery location. If you want to choose one of the DHL ServicePoints for delivery, please visit www.dhlbalik.sk where you can change the delivery order.
3. Notification
After receiving the parcel at ServicePoint you will receive an e-mail or SMS notification.
4. Storing
You can pick up your shipment within 7 days from the date of its storing in the DHL ServicePoint. The parcel will be handed over to you after verifying your identity card data match the data on the parcel.

In case of cash-on-delivery parcels you need to have cash ready. At ServicePoint, you cannot pay for a cash-on-delivery parcel by credit card.