Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In our work, we often get many questions about our services. Because we care about keeping our customers informed, we have summed up the most frequently asked questions together with the answers right here.

General Questions and Answers - Sending Parcels

Yes. Shipping can be ordered online via the "Parcel for you" service. You can also visit a DHL ServicePoint location or our depot, from where you can send parcels  to EU countries without first ordering the shipping online.

Parcels must be packed in a cardboard box. Always pay attention to keeping the maximum parcel size and weight. The maximum parcel weight can be up to 31,5kg with a maximum size of 100cm x 50cm x 50cm.

You can hand the parcel over to one of our DHL ServicePoints, a DHL Parcel branch - Depot or hand it over to the courier when ordering collection.

It is simple. Simply click on the "Send Parcel Now" button on our website or select the "Parcel for you" service from the main menu. In the order form, you fill out information about the sender/consignor (address of collection) and the recipient (delivery address), select the final destination, and enter the parcel dimensions and weight.

After filling in the order form, we will send you an e-mail confirming acceptance of the order with the recapitulation of your entered information. The price you see immediately after completing the form is final (including all fees and VAT). When paying with an online card, the e-mail will also contain a shipping label with the pdf number that you need to print and stick to the package.

Usually, the courier will pick up your package on the next business day. You will pay for parcel shipping in cash directly to the courier. And that's it!

A DHL Parcel courier will pick up the parcel between 08:00 and 18:00 on the next business day. The precise time can not be specified in advance.

You pay for shipping to the courier when the parcel is handed over. Subsequently, you will receive proof of payment from the courier. The label (shipping label) provided by the courier must be attached to the parcel.

If you need to send the goods back to the sender (vendor), you can choose from two return options:

1. The return shipment (Return Connect) - If you received a parcel with return label, please do one of following: 

  • Bring the shipment to DHL ServicePoint. Take the return label from parcel that is included in the package. In this case, it is not necessary to activate the label in advance. Stick the return label on the wrapped good you want to return. Bring the packaged return shipment to DHL Servicepoint, their list can be found here.
  • The shipment will be picked up by the courier at the selected addressTake the return label from parcel that is included in the package. To order a courier, you need to activate the return label online at the site https://www.dhlparcel.sk/returnconnect - To activate, you need to enter the barcode number at the bottom of the return label RETURN CONNECT and starting with JJDxxx  (e.g. in the format JJD012345678901234567890123). Stick the return label on the wrapped good you want to return. The courier  will pick up the shipment on the required day, but not earlier than the first working day after activating. The exact pickup time can not be determined.

When the label is activated, the previous delivery address will automatically entered like the address for picking up the return shipment. If you want to enter a different address for picking up a shipment, please enter this change when the label is activated, because you will not be able to change it again.

2. Ship the parcel via service Parcel for you - If you have received a parcel without a return label, contact the sender (vendor). Or you can send the parcel back by yourself via our service Parcel for You.

DHL ServicePoint is a network of operations with excellent public accessibility where you can pick up and send your parcels. You can visit a DHL ServicePoint anytime during its opening hours including weekends.

You can find them all over Slovakia. There is more than 600 of them. You can be sure, there are some in your neighbourhood, too. Use our online tool to easily find them. Just enter a city or zip code.

You can not pay with a payment card when handing over and receiving a parcel in ServicePoint, even if this service is offered by the shop itself.

The necessary shipping conditions were probably not met. E.g. the shipment was not correctly packed or the weight or dimensions of the shipment were not met.

Please read our recommendations and instructions for Proper shipment packing.

If you are not our contracted customer, the cost of sending a parcel will be based on the our current services price list. The price depends on the package dimensions, the country where you send the parcel to and the shipping method (Send parcel by courier, Send parcel via ServicePoint, Send parcel via depot).

Yes, you can. You must take the packaged parcel to one of our DHL depot. Provide an depot employee with sender and recipient details. You will pay for the shipping in cash. Subsequently, you will receive a tax receipt from the employee as well as the shipment number.

  1. Items and substances that will be classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited items or as items the conveyance of which is limited by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), ADR (European Road Transport Regulation on dangerous goods) of any competent governmental authority or other relevant organization;
  2. Items and substances not subject to customs clearance if such clearance is required under customs legislation;
  3. Counterfeit goods, animals, precious metals, money, banderole/tax sticker, tradable bearer papers, precious metals and stones, real firearms or their imitations, parts of weapons, weapons, explosives and ammunition, human remains, pornography and illicit narcotics/drugs);
  4. Items and substances of extremely high value, such as precious stones, precious metals, artefacts, collections, banknotes, coins, activated payment and other money cards and valuables excluding meal tickets, mobile phone vouchers, SIM cards , toll stamps, lottery tickets and telephone cards of fixed line operators whose maximum value in one shipment does not exceed the value specified in Art. III. Section (1) d) of the Commercial Terms and Conditions of DHL Parcel Slovensko,
  5. Items and substances subject to temperature changes such as perishable goods, medical material (blood samples and derivatives), live plants, etc.
  6. Items and substances easily damaged even when complying with the special shipment handling instructions such as alcohol and other expensive liquids in glass bottles, similar fragile packaging, etc.,
  7. Other items and substances which, due to their nature, require special modification of the vehicle or the creation of special conditions during shipping according to applicable regulations, such as bulk substrates.

General Questions and Answers - Delivering Parcels

Unless an unexpected event occurs, the shipment is usually delivered on the next day after the physical receipt of the shipment. The number of shipping days for foreign shipments is here.

You can use our online tool to track your shipment. Simply enter your shipment number into the tracking box on our website.

In general, the sender or the e-shop should provide the shipment number to you. If you ordered goods from an e-shop, you should normally receive the shipment number information in the purchase confirmation e-mail or in the shipping notification.

If you have not received the shipment number information, contact the e-shop or the sender.

We will send you an e-mail or SMS on when and where we will deliver your shipment. In the morning of delivery, you will receive a message from the courier with a two-hour delivery time window.

This situation occurs when the sender has not entered your phone number or the shipment was sent to you from Germany. For shipments from Germany, your phone contact is often not listed due to increased privacy requirements. Therefore we recommend you to contact our customer service to add your phone number.

You can change the delivery order (address, delivery date, or even recipient) at any time during shipping. It is a free service. To change the order, you need only the number of your shipment. After the shipment order is changed, the shipment will be delivered the following day.
Redirect the shipment

Our company can offer you parcel delivery not only to your address, but you can also choose alternative delivery options, such as personal collection at the DHL Parcel depot or delivery to our DHL ServicePoint.

Find DHL Parcel depots

Find the nearest ServicePoint

Couriers deliver parcels to the first lockable doors. It is not their duty to carry the parcels further.

Any natural person older than 15 years of age (if the sender is not the required age over 18), who stays at the delivery address and who demonstrates his/her identity and confirms receipt of the shipment by his/her signature, can take over the shipment.

DHL Parcel offers the opportunity to pay for a cash-on-delivery parcel not only in cash, but also by a payment card to the courier. This service is not charged to the recipients. The only condition is that card payments are also supported by the store where you ordered the goods. Payments can be made by all standard payment cards. In DHL ServicePoint, it is not allowed to pay for a cash-on-delivery parcel by a payment card, you have to have cash ready.

When you receive an SMS that your shipment is placed at DHL ServicePoint, you can pick up your shipment during the opening hours of the ServicePoint. Not later than 7 days after delivery to the operation.

You can check the contents of the shipment, but only after the receipt of the shipment has been signed. In the case of a cash-on-delivery shipment, only after the payment is made.

If you have found that the contents of the shipment are damaged, please follow these instructions.

The pick-up, distribution and delivery of shipments is governed by Act No. 324/2011 Coll. on Postal Services and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended. As a "postal undertaking", DHL Parcel Slovensko has the right to require the recipient to prove their identity and to record and process personal data when it comes to delivering a shipment. Find out more