For national shipping

For national shipping

Additional services included in the shipping cost

We offer insurance of shipments up to the value of EUR 2,500 as part of the shipping costs.

With our online Track & Trace tool, you can track the location of your shipment. All you need is the shipment number or shipment reference number.

The Redirect Shipment service allows recipients of shipments to change the date or place of delivery after the shipment has been sent without having to contact the sender. In practice, your clients can postpone the delivery date for up to 10 days and shall receive e-mail/SMS notifications on shipment status at each stage. Learn more about the service.

For a comfortable choice of DHL Parcelshop from your e-shop, we have prepared several options for you to integrate this option into your e-commerce solution. For more information, see the instructions for e-shop modification to include DHL ParcelShop.

DHL ParcelShop affiliate operations allow for fast and convenient sending and pick-up of shipments. The network consists of physical stores, which can be gas stations, groceries, drug-stores, flower shops and other stores. We have more than 600 of them within Slovakia and they are located near you and your customers. At ParcelShop the shipment will be waiting for them for up to 7 days! Read more.

Notification - free shipment status information during the delivery process to recipient
The recipients receive all necessary information about the delivered shipment, including tracking or redirecting links, by e-mail or SMS.- On the day before the delivery of the shipment, the recipient will receive an informative e-mail from us, containing details about the place and date of delivery, together with the links below.
  • On the day of delivery, our courier always contacts the recipient via SMS containing an approximate two-hour delivery window at the phone number provided by you.
  • The recipient may change delivery instructions (address, date, recipient) free of charge via www.dhlbalik.sk or through customer service.
  • The recipient can track delivery schedule based on the delivery zip code on our website www.dhlparcel.sk
  • We send information about a possible unsuccessful delivery attempt (due to absence of the recipient upon delivery or failure to pay the due amount for the shipment).

If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, we deliver the shipment automatically after a prior notification (by e-mail or SMS) on the next business day. We send the re-delivery notice before loading the shipment.

If the second delivery attempt is unsuccessful as well, we inform the recipient of the shipment's deposit on the respective depot and at the same time offer the possibility to contact us to agree on another delivery option.

WA serves primarily to create labels and order the courier for contracted customers. Application Benefits:

  • Creating shipments for DHL Parcel products
  • Label printing
  • Printing takeover certificates
  • Importing input data about customer´s shipments and clients
  • Checking the accuracy of data during entry and import
  • Sending e-mail about sent shipment to recipients
  • Searching for shipments with the option of filtering and exporting
  • Electronic processing and sending of data to DHL Parcel
  • Electronic requests for collection
  • Ordering shipping- Automatic number assignment
  • Multiple users can work at once
  • Possibility to set different sender addresses for individual users

Daily delivery quality report sent to your e-mail address. The report includes, but is not limited to, shipment numbers, shipping dates, recipient details, reasons for non-delivery.