We will ship your parcels throughout Slovakia

We will ship your parcels throughout Slovakia

Your parcels will be in the right hands! High quality delivery, card payments directly to the courier, e-mail and SMS notifications, and a growing network of ServicePoints. This is part of our DHL Parcel Slovensko product, which we offer to our business customers.

DHL Parcel Slovensko

Proactive notification of the recipient about the delivery dat

Parcel insurance up to the value of EUR 2,500 included in the shipping cost

Parcel tracking via an online system

Delivery on the next business day

Cash on delivery

Delivery to DHL ServicePoint as an option

Parcel weight and dimensions:

  • Maximum package weight up to 31,5kg
  • Maximum dimensions of standard package up to 120cm (A), 60cm (B), 60 cm
  • The longest side of an atypical parcel (with surcharge) (A) - 200 cm
  • Sum of circumference and length of standard parcel (A + 2B + 2C) up to 360cm

Return Documents

The Return Documents product complements the standard product of DHL Parcel Slovensko.

  • Ideal solution for validating important documents, e.g. credit agreements
  • Delivery to your chosen address
  • We will pick up a shipment of documents you need to confirm. We deliver them to the other party - the recipient. Following confirmation by the recipient, we will take them back to you.
  • Price is calculated individually based on customer requirements - contact your sales representative for more information
  • The shipment must be marked with a special Return Documents label. This ensures that the delivering courier will request the confirmed documents.
  • The shipment must be accompanied by an envelope with return label (with the sender's address prescribed as the recipient's). In any case, it is not possible to mark the shipment with another label.
  • The envelope must be placed in a way that the return label is not visible.

This service is provided by DHL Parcel throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic. The Return Documents service can be used by a customer who has concluded a valid Shipment Agreement with us. DHL Parcel is not responsible for the status and completeness of the returned parcel.

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