Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In our work, we often get many questions about our services. Because we care about keeping our customers informed, we have summed up the most frequently asked questions together with the answers right here.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The shipping cost will depend on whether or not you are our contracted customer.

Contracted customers using our services can obtain individual prices based on their special requirements.

DHL ServicePoint is a network of operations with excellent public accessibility where you can pick up and send your parcels. You can visit a DHL ServicePoint anytime during its opening hours including weekends.

You can find them all over Slovakia and abroad. More than 600 in Slovakia and over 50,000 in Europe.

Just add the offer of the DHL ServicePoint network to your e-shop, where the recipient conveniently chooses the required pick-up location. For more information about service integration, contact your sales representative or our customer service.

Please read our recommendations and instructions for Proper shipment packing.

  1. Items and substances that will be classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited items or as items the conveyance of which is limited by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), ADR (European Road Transport Regulation on dangerous goods) of any competent governmental authority or other relevant organization;
  2. Items and substances not subject to customs clearance if such clearance is required under customs legislation;
  3. Counterfeit goods, animals, precious metals, money, banderole/tax sticker, tradable bearer papers, precious metals and stones, real firearms or their imitations, parts of weapons, weapons, explosives and ammunition, human remains, pornography and illicit narcotics/drugs);
  4. Items and substances of extremely high value, such as precious stones, precious metals, artefacts, collections, banknotes, coins, activated payment and other money cards and valuables excluding meal tickets, mobile phone vouchers, SIM cards , toll stamps, lottery tickets and telephone cards of fixed line operators whose maximum value in one shipment does not exceed the value specified in Art. III. Section (1) d) of the Commercial Terms and Conditions of DHL Parcel Slovensko,
  5. Items and substances subject to temperature changes such as perishable goods, medical material (blood samples and derivatives), live plants, etc.
  6. Items and substances easily damaged even when complying with the special shipment handling instructions such as alcohol and other expensive liquids in glass bottles, similar fragile packaging, etc.,
  7. Other items and substances which, due to their nature, require special modification of the vehicle or the creation of special conditions during shipping according to applicable regulations, such as bulk substrates.

You can use our online tool to track your shipment. Simply enter your shipment number into the tracking box on our website.

Shipments within Slovakia are usually delivered on the following day after their physical takeover. The number of shipping days for foreign shipments is here.

If you would like to become our contracted customer and you are interested in an individual offer, please fill in the contact form and our sales representative will contact you.

If you want to send multiple parcels at once, we recommend that you put them in one big box. Do not tie, tape or stick the parcels together. Parcels packed in such a way do not allow handling and there is a risk of tearing. Of course, you can also send the parcels individually. But make sure that each parcel is labelled with a label/shipping label. In the case of loss of one of the parcels thus packed, the carrier shall not be liable for loss.

On our website www.dhlparcel.sk, you have the option of tracking the movement of shipments through an online tracking system. There you can see its movement when being delivered.

Additionally, the ordering web application available as part of the shipping cost allows you to conveniently check the shipment status and see the delivery process for your shipment.

Yes, when receiving a cash-on-delivery shipment, the recipient can pay in cash as well as by a payment card directly to the courier. When paying for a cash-on-delivery shipment with a payment card, a fee in the amount of 1.4% of the total cash-on-delivery value is charged. If you do not want your customers to pay for cash-by-delivery shipments with their payment card, do not activate the Card Payment service.

The fuel surcharge covers all shipments, regardless of the product type, and is charged automatically on top of the shipping cost.The price of diesel fuel for determining the amount of the fuel surcharge is determined on the basis of the price per 1,000 liters of fuel, including duties and taxes for a group of countries EA - 19, published by the European Commission for Energy and Transport in the Oil Bulletin newsletter. There will be a two month lag in the application of the index. For example, the monthly average price for fuel in September is used to determine the applicable surcharge for July. This is due to the release dates of the spot pricing data.

If you have found that the contents of the shipment are damaged, please follow these instructions.